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I love encouraging others to achieve their goals, and live their dreams. If I can touch and impact the life of one person while I am here on earth, then my living is not in vain.

About Karen Gray

This site will give you a insight into my life's journey and triumph from struggling immigrant to entrepreneur. The intent is to inspire aspiring entrepreneurs to dream big, dream in color and strive for excellence.

Although I am reknown as a Realtor, I actually graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in Computer and Information Science working my way through a plethora of full-time and part-time jobs.

I worked in investment banking on both the information systems and investing side.

In the entertainment industry, I worked at BMG/Arista Records and Virgin's rock label, V2. At both of these labels, I headed up the North American Information Systems division.

My entrepreneurial side, however, started showing up in high school when I begun dying T-shirts and selling them to friends. I believe that I inherited the entrepreneurial skill from my mother, and many have recognized my talents and strengths and further encouraged me.

My humility in leadership, teaching, and inspiring others have been documented by many, but I needed to write my own story.

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