Are women lagging technologically?

Are women lagging technologically?
FEB 18

I attended recent business meetings and one of the committees is Communications and PR, I was totally surprised at the lack of savvy and understanding of the impact of social media on business globally. Colleagues are telling me Gen X and Y is buying more print magazines???? Did I miss something here? The whole business model has changed for print media and many are in transition and a quandary wondering what to do as they were and are not prepared for this change. Now even Journalism is impacted, one journalist can write so many articles online where in print it could take more than one.

With the introduction of electronic/digital readers like the Nook, Kindle, Neo, etc plus online sites ad revenues for print are down as it has moved to these formats. Who wants to cart around paper in our travels and how about the trees? With the greening awareness, less recycling and destruction is more. Take a look at the impact on the future of publishing at The Future of Magazines .

Now back to women in business resisting technology, I am a member of NAPW and my chapter is struggling with this, I am fierce about nudging them forward and feel incensed to do so as I am appalled. To that end I am giving an introduction to technology presentation next month at our next meeting and will show the impact of social media on expanding one's business and building one's brand. I was reading a book on blogging during a break at the conference and some of the men had such quizzical looks and then the questions came, oh wow. Keep in mind, there are really no borders, no visas or airfare needed on the internet and social media to get a customer or business partner 24/7.

Women, whether you work outside the home or not get with the program, there is no room to escape technology and change in this global economy. If you drive, your car is computerized, so is the gas pump, cash machine, airline ticket check in, traffic signal, scanner in the supermarket, your shopping habits and more, get updated. When you shop for anything where is the first place we all search, even for Real Estate? Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Flickr, etc, even politicians and government are involved.

You can use video and social media to market and grow your business; text marketing is also growing as they are more likely to be read than emails. Let's grow and change with the times so that you do not lose your competitive edge. If you feel overwhelmed get your kids, hire an intern to help or take an online class, the biggest thing is to remain coachable with an open mind and play like a child so you can discover. Take a look at Project Grow, listen to these videos and grow your mindset.

One of my dreams is to see more women around the world enter business and have a source of income even if they are a stay at home moms, recently unemployed, disabled, etc; it's empowering. Now let's do it. Ask me for more information.