Successful women entrepreneurs make a difference!

Successful women entrepreneurs make a difference!
DEC 28

The Internet opened up a myriad of possibilities to earn online. There is no pressure to work from the office or sacrifice quality family time anymore.

Earlier entrepreneurial women found success hard to come by because of several financial and economic constraints- but now, the Internet makes everything possible.

For women who are looking for a source of inspiration and motivation for your first home based business venture, there are so many women entrepreneurs who have broken all income barriers and created successful businesses online. You should do some research and read about them.

Women bring their own special skills to business. Here is an excerpt from an interview with Sara Blakely the founder and creator of Spanx shapewear for women that she started with a simple idea at home.

What special skills do you believe women bring into the business world?

Sara Blakely:I can only speak for myself. I really trust my gut. I call that intuition or an inner voice. Men and women have this inner voice, but I think women are more in tune to it and not so afraid to go with it. Men have a tendency in business settings to be much more rational, and often a gut feeling isn't necessarily rational and can't be analyzed in the traditional way.

Know this 1 out of 11 adult women owns a business and women are starting more businesses than men. If you are like me, you are interested in a business model that provides real value and allows you to work part time and make full time money; then you are ready to move forward. You can run your own multi-million dollar business from home working around your family responsibilities. With the internet, the market has opened up for entrepreneurial women, it is no longer based on your education, job experience, or what you have or have not accomplished. Set your own hours, build wealth and retire your family members, how much flexibility you ask, it's your choice.

Why mentoring is important

We may need help with website development, business planning & marketing strategies, ready to make money making a difference in the world…and make money online, these are just a few of the reasons. A smart mentor can make all the difference in building your business. By tapping the expertise of someone who's already jumped the hurdles, you can cut to the chase much more efficiently. Women and men experience business differently, whether as client or supplier, manager or marketer. What's more, we're now experiencing the first generation or so of widespread success for women-owned businesses. Women business owners should have both male and famale mentors to give them the unemotional leadership and intutive balance needed.

A great idea is to research and read about successful women entrepreneurs like Catherine L. Hughes of Radio One Inc., Christine Simmons of Magic Johnson Enterprises, Desiree Rogers of Johnson Publishing, Iman Abdulmajid of Iman Costmetics, YouTube Star iJustine and more.

You can work from the beach, any part of the world, at the playground with the kids, while walking the dog, the country cottage, it's your choice. Portability, flexibility, fun, travel, time with the family and incredible income who can argue; these are all gifts.