What do you want most from your home business?

What do you want most from your home business?
JAN 12

What's on your wish list? What can help you achieve it? Often we continue doing the same things over and over and never stop to evaluate, what we are doing, the results and rewards or lack of rewards. So let's take a look. What was the reason you started this business anyway? Did it crack up to all that it was supposed to be? Is it More or Less? Which one?

The home based business journey can be enjoyable as with any adventure, it also has lumps and bruises making the journey memorable. So the first thing is to have a reason for doing it that is so large you need a team to accomplish it. It needs a 2 to 3 year game plan in place to make sense, when you get the support from family and friends it feels great. Sometimes the dear ones in our lives take a while to come around because of fear and the indoctrination of "go to school, get a good job", love them anyway.

So now that we know why we want to do this business and that picture has been drawn and our vision board is setup, let's look at the steps we need to take to get going. Surround yourself with people with the right mindset; positive and supportive vibrations, it has a huge impact on your life and attitude.Write your goals, when you want to achieve them by what date.A SMART goal is a goal that is specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-framed.

SMART goals can help you to better track your progress, set realistic expectations, and will help get you further along than you could have ever imagined. Learn to define your business in a sentence. For example, my business definition is, I help businesses and individuals save money on essential services.

Next, learn about your products or services and business so you can explain and demonstrate them to prospective business partners and customers. If you are a network marketer who sells products then you should own some and know how they work, if you are a service marketer, you should have some of those services for yourself so that you know what they do for you, if you are in real estate or whatever business, know your product and business. Become "the expert" and peeople will seek you.

About the business, you should be able to explain your "why" to anyone and let them catch your vision; this enables them to see why you are so diligent and focused in fulfilling it. They will be attracted to your joy, focus, warmth, leadership, encouragement and more to join your team. Every day you will do the same things that will bring you success and as a leader the team will follow. We all need mentors, so even leaders have mentors as this journey is always a learning experience.  So we have to learn to train and support our team, when the team wins, you win and your goals become achievable. Team work will make everyone's dream work. I will end with a quote from John Maxwell

"All of us have benefited from the industrial age, the technology age, and most recently, the age of information. And without question, we have entered into the most influential age … the age of association. Never before has it been more crucial to be connected to, or associated with, people of influence. This is especially true for people who are in my industry…. those who are authors, speakers, trainers and coaches. There is no doubt that the biggest impact to your personal and professional life will be determined by "who" you are associated with, and your "connection" to them." … John C. Maxwell